The Awakened Woman Convergence is a momentous gathering of Divine Leaders from across the globe who are rising to usher in a new era of balanced leadership, feminine wisdom, and co-create new councils of community. Entrepreneurs, Innovators, and Leaders converge to explore the themes of Awakened Leadership through evocative presentations, workshops and ceremonies on topics such as Conscious Business Building + Building Your Online Empire, Speaking on Stage to Book Clients, Unbinding the Heart & Heart Based Leadership and more.


The Awakened Woman Convergence is a momentous gathering of Awakened Leaders from across the globe who are rising to usher in a new era of balanced leadership, feminine wisdom, and co-create new councils of community. Taking place over four days, the themes this year is The Awakening of Shakti + Awakened Leadership with sub-themes in Awakened Sexuality, Spiritual Unification and Creative Expression.


Our global community is committed to bringing together Awakened Men + Women to explore the new frontier of Awakened Leadership, Sexuality, Expression and Innovation in our annual event, online communities, trainings, retreats and courses. We’re a global family from all walks of life, and located in over 12 different countries.


New models of Governance + Leadership

New models of operating conscious companies

How business and leadership can be forces of good on the planet

Leadership in theory and practice

Spiritual Unification

Indigenous Right Relationships

Radical problem solving beyond boundaries

Creative Expression

Radical expression in business

Storytelling + Your Big Message

Utilizing Social Media for your Story

Public Speaking + Becoming a Voice for Millions

Awakened Sexuality

Sexual Expression & Boundaries

Cultivating Intimacy + Safety in Relationships

Consent Culture + Fulfilling Experiences

The business of design is in a state of flux. The roles, the tasks and the personae of designers are changing.

No longer the technical expert, the heroic aesthete or the inspired individual of our earlier modern past, the contemporary designer draws upon dispersed sources of creativity and innovation. Collaboration, today, is key. For design practitioners, a central paradox of our times is the increasing specialization, on the one hand, but on the other, the need for more broad-ranging and holistic integration of design tasks, working between and across design disciplines. Design is becoming an ever-more social, indeed sociable, process


As we enter a new era of increasing technology, equality, and development – we’re also witnessing an era where genuine leadership needs to be re-examined. What are the authentic characteristics of inspiring leadership in today’s world and business? Old paradigms notions of ‘perfection’, lone wolf syndrome and competition are being replaced with new models of leadership characteristics like compassion, vulnerability, community and collaboration. We’re seeing companies pioneering new models of governance based on these principles through models like ‘holocracy’ and block chain governance systems. Awakened Woman is committed to pioneering radical conversations around Awakened Leadership through keynote presentations and evocative workshops.


Creativity and innovation within a well-run companies have always been recognized as a sure path to success. Stimulating creativity and exploring completely new and unknown before territories lead as result to increasing the productivity of the organization or business. To succeed, entrepreneurs and business owners need to engage with creative expression in their business through evocative and compelling story-telling, radical expression and marketing, sharing their business in new and creative ways. Awakened Woman supports these areas through our radical approaches in event production, and our courses, programs and retreats to support entrepreneurs in building businesses outside of the box.


The truth is, your sexuality is a healthy expression of who you are. It is often a reflection of the same qualities that make you excel at your job – drive, energy, even the power to seduce another person. (Also known as marketing!).

A sexually charged environment can be highly productive, can urge us to work harder than we might otherwise, and can even bring out the best in us creatively and intellectually. Yet, we cannot separate the issues that companies and businesses face when we don’t constructively address the intersection of healthy sexuality and the workplace, especially in the face of large companies facing serious sexual discrimination cases. We at Awakened Woman aim to create conversations and environments that foster healthy discourse and innovation on how we can honour the sacredness of our sexuality while also honouring those we work and play with.


Spiritual Unification is the principle of Awakened Leadership that draws together communities and people together regardless of religious beliefs or affiliations. It is the common understanding that we are part of one human family, and brings out the principles of union rather than division amongst groups, communities, or companies. Unification is a spiritual practice that brings us the realization of Unity with Life. How can businesses be vehicles for uniting people, communities and powerful ideas together? These are the questions we explore through our presentations, ceremonies and workshops at Awakened Woman.


Phoenix Muranetz, Founder

Phoenix Muranetz explore’s the soul’s capacity for love, expression and expansion through her work as a Unification Architect, Sacred Ceremony Designer, Performer & Writer.

Founder of the Awakened Woman Convergence, an annual global gathering of visionaries & leaders with ambassadors in over nine countries, she builds empowered communities who together support one another in exploring their authentic desire, creative expression and awakened selves. With a background in Sustainability Research, Visual Arts, Systems Thinking and Environmental Design – she identifies as a Futurist Entrepreneur bridging the world of technology and innovation with human consciousness.

Phoenix and her work have been featured in media such as the Financial Post, Huffington Post, Women in Focus, Business Journal, AZ Family and more.

You can find more about her work on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and her website. She currently resides in Victoria, BC with her daughter and future change-maker Sahara Skye.

Pulxaneeks, Indigenous Right Relationship Director

Pulxaneeks is the Indigenous Right Relationship Director from the Eagle Clan of the Haisla First Nation.  With a background in cultural reclamation based youth outreach, Pulxaneeks (Pul-ha-neeks) is a skilled facilitator and grew up with the Indigenous environmental youth organization called “Rediscovery”.
Pulxaneeks was raised both on and off the Indigenous village she was born to and grew up being exposed to both Indigenous and non Indigenous cultures.  Her most recent development is based entirely on the unique understanding that has come from being exposed to both cultures and from this came the development of this offering, Indigenous Right Relationship.

Heather DeSantis, Public Relations

She began her PR business in 2016 and has been growing exponentially ever since. In just the last year she has worked with big names such as CNN, Adult Swim, iheartMedia Radio, Entrepreneur on Fire, Marie Claire UK, and The Daily Record in London. In addition, she has secured more than 7,000 media relationships in a year’s time and has single handedly managed more than 100 interviews per month for clients during media campaigns. Find more details on her PR Firm here.

Amy Petrovsky, Event Coordinator

Since 2001, Sensational Events has led the way in event planning with a strong focus on details, innovation, and a professional approach. Amy Petrovsky’s 30-plus years of events, marketing and public relations experience have given her solid business expertise.

With impossibly high standards, Amy executes each event as an advocate and trusted confidant of the client—nothing slips through the cracks. Weddings, corporate galas, mitzvahs, anniversaries, and birthday celebrations go off without a hitch. Find more on Sensational Events here.


Our Sister Council Leads and Support members are an integral part of the development of Awakened Woman as an inclusive, diverse container for connection and inspiration. Our Sister Council Leads help direct various areas of our annual Awakened Woman Convergence, and our support members assist our leads in this beautiful collaboration of skills, ideas, and visions.

Angelina Munaretto, Wellness Market Council Lead

Angelina Munaretto is the Wellness Market Council Lead and is a Senior Digital Communicator, Social media strategist and Creative leader.

Murielle Marie, Wellness Market Council Lead

Murielle is the second Wellness Market Council Lead, and also an environmentalist, and feminist. When she’s not coaching, writing, speaking or running her business, you can find her in the kitchen cooking up some delicious vegan recipes, practicing yoga or meditating on life’s most precious and complicated questions.

Angelique von Löbbecke, Creative Expression Council Lead

Angelique von Löbbecke is our Creative Expression Council Lead. As a healer and spiritual mentor with a modern, grounded yet goofy approach Angelique combines an eclectic mix of healing modalities from Akashic Records to Shamanism and is the bridge in-between no longer and not yet. She loves connecting to her clients around the globe, riding anything that has wheels or is a boat and lives in Berlin, Germany with her husband Alex and their Airedale Terrier Amy. Visit her website here.

Sora, Creative Expression Council Lead

Sandy Dow, Love Council Lead

Sandy Dow is the Love Council Leader and is a Shamanic healer and teacher, the co-author of a best selling book, as well a certified Somatic Experiencing™ Practitioner. Find her online here.

Lauren Kunin, Love Council Lead

Lauren is our second Love Council Leader and is a holistic healer, a dreamer, and an advocate to the RSD/Chronic pain community. She’s a pescetarian who really enjoys Vegan cooking, a moon child and a firm believer in feeling good on the inside, as well as the outside and has a deep interest in fashion and spirituality. Find more on her here

Shannon Ledford, Altar Council Lead

Transitioning from a corporate lawyer in Manhattan to a life of gypsy freedom felt SOUL NECESSARY. Shannon went from an office on the 37th floor overlooking 5th Avenue to living out of a 1984 Land Cruiser driving through Southern & Eastern Africa for 10 months. She’s now a believer in the magic of Sisterhood and is the Host of the Honour the Feminine Podcast. 

Marie Ruzicka, Program and Agenda Council Lead

Life-stylist, Catalyst for Joy, Story-teller, and International Speaker, Marie is also a Flow & Talent Consultant, & Crystal Circle member with Roger James Hamilton’s Entrepreneur Institute. Find her online here.

Carina Close, Altar Council Support

Michelle Chavez, Love Council Support