Fear + Desire

Conversations with dear friends or mortal enemies are always the greatest spaces to go deeply into our value systems and understand what it is we stand for.

These conversations become explorations with a trusted explorer into unchartered territories into our hearts, to excavate the belief systems that hold us in our mental prisons or to discover the desires that free us.

Our desire arrives from a connectedness to our intuition, our bodies, and our hearts. It is from the space of embodiment to our feminine essence that helps us navigate in this realm with our choices, decisions and direction.

We get sick, depressed, or exhausted when we are following the wrong path, with the wrong lover, in the wrong vocation, or not processing emotions. A trust in our desire rewards us with the miracles of having a keen intuition, a seemingly effortless approach to manifesting what we need, and a discernment of the signs that show up in our lives.

The problem arise when there is a noticed conflict between your desire + what your fear is telling you. You notice your desire to step into your power professionally, financially, and as a passionate, expressed and free woman making big impact in the world. You desire to feel confident in yourself, and feel abundant, prosperous and nourished – financially, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

And yet you question the steps and new belief systems needed to get there.

Your energy is split between desiring what you want and questioning it at the same time.

Is this a pattern you may have noticed come up in your life?

When our energy is 100% (or close to it) aligned solely with what we desire, like a laser beam of love, we feed our dreams into blossoming – instead of nourishing our fears. This is the number one belief to embody in becoming a powerful leader.

What brings us to move beyond the fear and step into the freedom of embracing our desire is to understand that our fear is there to teach us to fiercely proclaim what it is we want. Our fear is a beacon to make us fight for what we desire, to gnash our teeth in protection of that desire and snarl, “This is what I want”.

Our fear is asking us to declare that we are worthy of our desire, of our equality, of our freedom. Yet without this shadow to provoke us – we stand indifferent, passive, cloudy about our beliefs, values and what we truly stand for. It isn’t until the proverbial battle – that we are called to ‘die’ for what we believe in.

We saw millions of women howl together in stand of collective beliefs and values last week. A resounding YES! “We want equality! We believe in justice! We demand body sovereignty!”

Moving a bit deeper, it is an invitation to hold space for deep inquiry around belief systems that reaffirm unworthiness in actually having what you want. Beliefs that we took on around being greedy for asking for too much, greedy for wanting that last cookie, for wanting a helping of dessert, or new toys, or a big house, or doing lots of travelling.

Trust what your body and what it is telling you – the mind loves stories, the body knows truth. A wavering of energy is not to do with protection but a mistrust of what you desire.

Claim your desires & protect what it is you are wanting with the ferocity that a mother lion would express to protect her cub, and step out of the lingering in doubt.

Trust in yourself to stake your claim with a fierceness and step out of any lingering fears related to trust, scarcity or doubt.

Healing the feminine essence in all of us means becoming deeply embodied and trusting in the truth of what that tells us.

This deep inquiry that we are collectively exploring is one that I’ve been digging layer into layer over the past 15 years. You could say I’ve become an inquisitive archeologist of the soul.

As I’ve seen the power of the Feminine Voice is rising. The Shakti is awakening globally & yet so many of us are still afraid to speak the truth we’ve been born with.

The Awakened Woman Virtual Sisterhood is the space to do the deep inquiry into your deepest longings and the fears that have stopped you in the past, in the present, and sidestep in the future. It is a safe space to begin the journey into the deeper foundations of embodying authentic and true leadership with integrity, passion, and curiousity.

This is the greatest inquiry of our time. What is it you truly believe, stand for and desire?

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